How to use the ChromeOS Cloud Gaming Launcher 2024

As the Internet becomes more part of our daily lives, it has become common to move data and computing power to the cloud. Few products take advantage of this advantage more than top-of-the-line Chromebooks. Few services have demonstrated the potential of cloud computing and cloud gaming platforms, such as Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass. These allow you to stream games that you can’t play on your device.

How to use the ChromeOS Cloud Gaming

These services can be used on any Chromebook. You can also search for and launch Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming libraries from his Chromebook’s launcher search bar on certain devices. Find out how.

How to Install a Cloud Gaming PWA on Your Chromebook

Are you ready to integrate the best cloud gaming services into your Chromebook launcher? Install a progressive web app for the service you use to find and launch games.

  1. Navigate to your streaming service in your Chrome browser.
  2. Click the Install icon on the right side of the Chrome address bar.
  3. When asked if you want to install the app, click Install.

That’s it! You can now browse your streaming game library and launch the latest games from your Chromebook launcher. There’s just one catch. This cloud boot feature is only available on gaming Chromebooks (Acer 516 GE, ASUS Vibe CX55 Flip, Lenovo Ideapad Gaming). Most of us won’t be able to use this, but this feature could expand to the larger Chromebook ecosystem.

Play Games

Chromebook Gaming seems to be entering a golden age. Although the hardware isn’t optimized for playing the latest high-end games locally, Chromebooks were essentially born in the cloud and are well-positioned to take advantage of the current cloud gaming boom. Google makes gaming on its devices as easy as possible.

If you want to try cloud gaming on your Chromebook, there are several ways to get started without a monthly commitment. Amazon Luna offers new users a 7-day trial. If you need more time, Google is offering Chromebook owners a free subscription to Boosteroid (1 month) and GeForce Now (3 months) for a limited time (among many other benefits) there is).

If you want to test your hardware, download Steam (depending on your specs) and play the game on your Chromebook. Booting up Cyberpunk 2077 might not be so great, but Steam is full of games that aren’t too demanding and will work just fine.

It’s all in your controller

Searching for and launching cloud games from the launcher is another famous Google joke, but it’s one of the steps the company has taken to differentiate its ChromeOS from its competitors. It’s good to see you taking lessons. While you wait for this to be revealed to others, take out your joystick and enjoy top-notch gaming with other people’s performances.

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