The Jaw-Dropping Impact of the Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence!

How Will the Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence Impact Health
Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively emerging as a pivotal component in various facets of healthcare, significantly transforming the delivery of ...
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Shocking Survey Reveals Only 3.8% of Businesses Are Riding the AI Wave! Find Out Why Tech and Info Sectors Lead the Charge!

How Many U.S. Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating considerable interest these days, but according to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Census ...
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What is known about the January 24 launch of the OnePlus 12 in India

OnePlus 12 India launch on January 24
A contest notice for the OnePlus 12 was published on the official OnePlus website for India, the US, and Europe ...
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Corporate lab for future of nanotech solutions launched

future of nanotech solutions
The NTI-NTU Corporate Laboratory was established today by NTU Singapore and Nanofilm Technologies International to provide cutting-edge nanotechnology solutions for ...
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Harnessing Nanotechnology for Optimal Wellbeing

Harnessing Nanotechnology
The study of controlling matter at the atomic or molecular level, or nanotechnology, is a discipline that has gained popularity ...
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Binance founder Changpeng Zhao pleads guilty to money laundering violations

Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has agreed to plead guilty to money laundering violations, ...
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Robotic excavator builds a giant stone wall with no human assistance

What is RPA or Robotic
Building a wall by stacking random stones can be an expression of hard work, both physically and mentally. This is ...
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Five Days of Chaos: How Sam Altman returned to OpenAI

How Sam Altman returned to OpenAI
One of the strangest events in the history of the tech industry ended as startup events often do: with a ...
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This paid ChatGPT feature is now free to use, OpenAI jokes about Sam Altman’s exit in demo video

This paid ChatGPT feature is now free to use
In the center of all that has been going on at OpenAI after Sam Altman was unexpectedly fired as its ...
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The OpenAI drama has a clear winner: capitalists

The OpenAI drama has a clear winner
What’s happened at OpenAI over the past five days can be described in many ways: a dramatic boardroom drama, a ...
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